Healthy Lifestyle Coalition’s Next Step?

I would like to thank two-thirds of the North Dakota voters for making sure that I don’t have to breathe smoke anymore. I am so happy that you care enough about me to allow the government to take away the rights of property owners, and not allow then to allow a “legal” activity on their property.

Since Measure 4 (2012) has passed, I will be submitting some additional initiatives to the ND Secretary of State for approval, before collecting signatures. I will be working on the details of these initiatives in the next few months, before I submit them.

There are a few basic ideas for initiatives that I have. All of them are for the “good” of the citizens of the State of North Dakota. In the future, I will work on the rest of the ideas, since all of them seem pretty important to the health of our citizens.

Here is the general idea for the first initiative that I have in mind:

1. This initiated statutory measure would prohibit all sidewalks that are located within 20 feet of any street, road, driveway, alley, or any place used by internal combustion motor vehicles. This includes all public and private owned sidewalks.

** This measure is needed, due to the fact that exhaust from internal combustion engines create carbon monoxide, which is deadly. These fumes are able to blow out of the designated roadway, into the designated walkway (sidewalks). People that choose not to drive are then continually exposed to these fumes from passing vehicles.

Though this may sound like a crazy idea, I think that it deserves some serious discussion. What do you think?